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In 2016, we encountered an inspiring group of artisans from Mindanao and an idea was born: a way to combine our passion for fashion with a desire to help our weavers and small businesses. Today, Katutubo PH continues to play a role in the lives of indigenous artists, who are finding economic independence through the increasing popularity of their beautiful craft. The Katutubo Pop Up Market, which started out with 11 small local brands, has grown its family of over 100 lasting partnerships. From curated events to an online platform, Katutubo PH aims to continue showcasing local products from different parts of the country  and supporting our local partner brands, giving shoppers a unique and personalized experience of the Philippine culture. Slowly, Filipinos are seeing that Philippine fashion and crafts can truly be adapted as a way of life. 

Katutubo PH also aims to increase awareness on the beauty of our culture which hopefully will be passed on to the next generation that they should love and wear our culture with pride.

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